Let FOOD empower you!

Optimize Your Health

As a Holistic Nutritional Consultant I work with you to identify and design a personalized nutritional plan and lifestyle program by recommending adjustments to your nutritional habits that may be causing your health problems. I take a holistic approach by looking at the whole person – mind, body and spirit. I facilitate and support a health plan to build a strong foundation for long term optimal health and help you tune into the feedback that your body gives you to fuel itself accordingly.

Take Control of Your Well-Being

I educate you to empower yourself by focusing on eating for a higher vibration. My passion in life is to educate, support and empower people to enjoy a better quality of life through nutrition, proper supplementation and better lifestyle choices by getting to the root cause of problems so the body can heal itself. I want to help you to take control of your own health and make choices to find an optimal state of existence.

 Feel Supported on Your Nutritional Journey

I support you in reaching a new level of health – a level needed to optimally function in achieving a higher vibration in life. I guide you to “Wake Up” to a more nutritious, conscious, sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle to make your time here on our beautiful planet more enjoyable, purposeful and peaceful.

Experience Expansion for Mind, Body & Spirit

My holistic approach includes suggestions for food, lifestyle, environment, psychospiritual connection, energy and enhancements by using crystals. I help you make the connection between mind, body and spirit as it is the state of mind and spiritual wellbeing that affect our physical health.

My ultimate goal is to teach you about nutrition so you too can
share your Love and shine your Light.